Damietta port occupies a distinguished place among Egyptian seaports, which made it one of the most important ports, not only in Egypt but also in the Mediterranean Sea.
Damietta Port has played an active role in serving Egyptian national economy, with a share of 20% of Egypt’s  foreign seaborne trade.

DL’s core operations take place in Damietta port, where DL is a leader in providing Tailored logistics services in storage, stevedoring, custom clearance and trucking for all customers.

In 2014 DL opened its 1st branch in Damietta , DL managed to maintain business & cement its position in the market.

DL currently managed to control all exports of Egyptian Rock phosphate to Europe, along with other cargo such as urea, steel, wood, grains & many others.

Currently the stevedoring operations for loading Rock Phosphate cargoes on Bulk vessels in Damietta port are
typically handled by means of cranes, flat-bed trucks and steel boxes