Safaga is located in Red Sea governorate in South Egypt , Safaga terminal is serving as a gateway mining areas in south of Egypt such as
phosphate , cement and other mineral products,.
DL established the needed facility to become the only private sector company to date that offers logistics services in this area since 2018,.
DL managed to create and operates successfully 1.2 million tons in 2019.

It’s known that there’s no container terminal in the time being; however Egypt is building a new terminal for both container
and break-bulk and it will be operated by Abu Dhabi Ports which we have a great relationship with.

DL’s core operations took place in the Red Sea ports Safaga port (NAVY JETTY), (ATP - ABU TARTOUR PORT) & navy Jetty, where DL is a leader in providing storage and stevedoring services for the export of Rock phosphate , and other bulk materials.

DL operates Three warehouses for bulk materials located in the proximity of Safaga port, with a combined storage capacity of more than 200,000 metric tons.

Such ample storage capacity gives DL the capability to handle multiple ship loadings as well as multiple materials at the same time.

Operation Launched 2018
DL started its operations in Safaga port in June 2018, since that date DL handled around 5 million tons of
Rock phosphate through Safaga Navy jetty , Safaga commercial port & ATP- Abu Tartour Mining port From June 2018 till
August 2022.

In this Module DL took the responsibility to handle each and every step from arranging
vessel berthing with shipping agent , finalizing customs procedures , handling ship stevedoring, and all related
Process…, In other words DL Turned a Jetty into a commercial port.