Direct Logistics shipping enjoying wide experience in Shipping, Maritime and Petroleum Services fields all over Egyptian Ports through its prestigious and distinguished team of selected Shipping expertise.., DL services include shipping, chartering, brokering, selling & buying for other parties and all services related to our vessels and clients.


We carry out more than a million tons annually importing / exporting fertilizers around all Egyptian ports and we do our utmost efforts facilitate cargo operation more and more to be smoother for our clients.


To obtain the most effective work, our team providing the best maritime solutions in shipment fixtures with continuous focusing to make all parties rights reserved.


The aim of our company is to provide our clients with most updated information and news, thus enabling them to make the right decision at right time place and all of our clients have the ability to get updated ports navigation movements in daily manner to keep abreast of market developments.


We are keen to furnish our duties to the fullest in terms with clients’ requirements, and always keep in touch with ship-owners to cater all their needs. We would be very excited to extend our Best of Services to your Vessels calling all Egyptian Ports and looking forward to establish a Mutual Business Relationship with your Esteem Company


The company is highly prepared to provide utmost efforts for facilitating the maritime services very smooth and safe.
We cover all requirements of cargo freight by handling the operations between owners, traders and charterers.


Our Chartering Department fully ready to guarantee smooth process of chartering to achieves safe cargo transportation
from origin to destination by providing all required vessels sizes worldwide.


The company have supply department which able to provide all ship’s matters such as provisions, deck & engine
requirements , fresh water , navigation charts and publications….etc ,in all Egyptian ports and Suez canal always keen
to meet our clients satisfaction .


We pay our attention for secure crew embarkation and disembarkation either at anchorage area or alongside berth
allover Egyptian ports, on other hand we provide all services for crew at all Egyptians ports, airports and Suez Canal by
arrange all required formalities for them, also we provide hotel accommodation plus flights booking according to
owner’s requirements.

The company ready to accommodate vessels with all their needs in regard to spare parts delivery and all clearance procedures
via our trusted and experienced forwarding partner at all Egyptian ports , Suez canal and airports.


Bunkers supply can be provided via our company and Lubricants as well and we do our best to ensure safe supplying
operations with completely coordination. at all Egyptian ports , Suez canal .


We provide the said services through cooperation with authorized/ approved companies who are fully skilled and experienced in
providing owners the best required tasks and documenting their work with approved reports. at all Egyptian ports , Suez canal.


Our company can represent the ship owner in all Egyptian ports with all authorities to preserve his rights and dealing
on behalf of ship owner in all matters related to owner’s vessels and crew at all Egyptian ports , Suez canal and airports.